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Course Overview

Our goal is to transform you into an English-speaking coder ready for the global workforce. By investing in your future you will help write the software that is going to improve everyone's future. We teach the skills in highest demand in the language with the highest demand.

Learning Objectives

  • Proficiency in developing applications in your choice of: Javascript,Python & R, or Unity
  • Interview and negotiation skills and programmer etiquette
  • Team collaboration and communication
  • Software project planning, design, and architecture

Additional Benefits

  • Blockchain record of your credentials earned. You can forever prove what you earned without us. (You can learn more about this in our Blockchain course.)
  • A network of like-minded professional contacts through a private LinkedIn group
  • Placement assistance for permanent and contract coding jobs
  • Discounts on future sessions to improve your skills
  • Free admission to future courses to improve your skills (space permitting)
  • Referral bonuses and priority enrollment for your referred friends
  • Discounts to Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform for a year (if you don't know what those are, you'll know by the end of the first class!)

World-class Teachers

Classes are taught by English-speaking expert programmers with years of programming and software engineering experience. Our instructors are graduates of top universities with experience working for top global technology powerhouses such as Google, Facebook, Adobe, and the like.


Each session is 12 consecutive weeks with the same set of students together. Housing, food, travel to Montpellier, and local transportation and other expenses are not included in the fee. Students of any age over 17 are welcome.

Class is Monday through Friday, 5 days per week, 5 hours per day from 1pm to 6pm (13.00 to 18.00).


You must come to class with your own device. We recommend a Chromebook, but a Mac or PC will be OK. All servers, compute infrastructure, data, and lessons are included in the session fee. The code you develop is yours to keep. The language skills you learn are yours forever.

Class Size

Class sizes are limited to 10 students and a minimum of 5 students are required to start a class.

Tuition Worth every cent.


12-week course: 8,000 €
6-week courses are 5,000 €
3-week courses are 3,000 €
weekend courses are 1,500 €

Financial aid and scholarships available.

Key Dates ___

Key Dates

Classes all year

12,6,3-week and weekend courses accept students all year long. Contact us with your interest to find out the next available session for what you are interested in.

For each session there are key dates:

  • Registration deadline (forms and payments submitted by)
  • Class begins
  • Refund requests deadline
  • End of class
  • Final Evaluation: Day after the end of class.
  • Credentials delivered by email: 2 weeks after class ends.

Team ____

We are a team of software technology experts looking to make a difference in your life.
We hand-pick each student, pay attention to every detail of the lessons, and bring you world-class intensive training to be english-speaking coders.
YOU, the student, are an important member of the team. We expect hard work, dedication, attention to details, and perseverance. And one more thing, be nice to your team members !


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Classes are offered by the newly formed Technology Experience Center ("TEC") in Montpellier, France, easily accessible by tram.